This practice means:
  • Demonstrating joy in rendering service for others
  • Being supportive of each other’s endeavor
  • Finding joy in achievement of others
  • Being appreciative of each other
  • Being people-conscious; recognizing individual differences; avoiding disputes through dialoguing/open lines of communication


This practice means:
  • Belief in God - who sees all and cares, do all things in view of God and attribute all to Him
    • Personal and communal relationship with God
    • Filial devotion to Mary
  • Belief in oneself – in one’s dreams/visions, building on your strengths, working on your weakness
  • Belief/Trust in others -A basic respect that see the good in others, appreciate their strengths and accept them as they are with all their weaknesses


This practice means:
  • Uphold following moral and ethical code
  • Being unimpaired (soundness)
  • Being honest, trustworthy
  • Consistency with word and deed


This practice means:
  • Responding to God’s call by giving of oneself over personal desires
  • Recognizing one’s abilities and gifts and try to match them to the needs of others
  • Being resilient by challenging the status quo


This practice means:
  • Keeping a low profile amidst self-made achievements
  • Recognizing the limits of one’s talents , ability or authority
  • Admitting faults without reservation and hesitation
  • Giving due recognition when necessary


This practice means:
  • Exercising sound judgement in practical matters
  • Managing carefully
  • Avoiding rush decision
  • Observing due process