OLCAn Scribes Bag Awards in DSPC 2019

by: Angela Louise Sara

Four The OLCAn writers won in the Division Schools Press Conference held at Padre Garcia Central School, Padre Garcia, Batangas, Aug. 29.

The winners include Ryan Miguel R. Calderon, First Place in Feature Writing-English Secondary; Alea Angela Serrano , First Place in Science and Health Writing-Filipino Secondary; Angela Louise T. Sara, Second Place in Copyreading and Headline Writing-Filipino Secondary; and Neil Espino, Sixth Place in Editorial Writing-English Secondary.

Calderon, Sara and Serrano will join and compete in the Regional School Press Conference (RSPC) that will be held at Cainta Elem. School, Cainta, Rizal, Nov. 11-14.

The three RSPC contenders attended the Division Journalism Academy held at Malvar Central School, Malvar, Batangas.

Mrs. Blesselyn De Castro, Mr. Louiegie Mendoza and Mrs. Margarita Perez were the coaches and advisers of the school publication of the school.

The DSPC aims to demonstrate understanding of the importance of journalism by expressing it through different journalistic endeavors and approaches; sustain advocacy on social consciousness and environmental awareness: provide a venue for an enriching learning experience for learners interested in journalism as a career or those who intend to use skills learned through campus journalism to give them a better edge in their chosen careers; promote responsible journalism and fair and ethical use of social, media and other platforms; and enhance journalistic competence through healthy and friendly competitions.