1. Upon finishing their years of formation, the ECEd students are expected to be:
    1. Academically Proficient
      • Efficient in communicative skills that include reading, writing, speaking and listening
      • Able to exhibit fine and gross motor skills
      • Initiated to ICT
    2. Emotionally Mature
      • Independent in going to school
      • Cooperative by getting along with others (through sharing and taking turns)
      • Curious to make the most out of the learning opportunities
      • Persistent in learning to finish what he/she has started
      • Sensitive to the feelings of others
      • Equipped with proper toilet training and good grooming with minimum assistance
    3. Morally Upright
      • Appreciative of oneself along with his/her God-given talents
      • Adaptive of early study habits
      • Knowledgeable of the basic prayers; prays with love and reverence
      • Mindful of his/her actions when dealing with others
    4. Socially Responsible Citizens
      • Attentive to the needs of others by having the initiative to work on assigned tasks
      • Respectful of the belongings of others
      • Sociable as he/she strives for the feeling of belongingness
      • Friendly and courteous to other members of the OLCA community and even to those outside the campus
      • Accustomed to the use of "po" and "opo"
  2. The Lower Basic Education graduates are learners who are:
    1. Academically proficient
      • Competent in the English language
      • Critical and analytical thinkers
      • Resourceful and creative in learning endeavors
      • Abreast and innovative with the modern technology
      • Aware of relevant and social issues
      • Endowed with necessary skills and competencies for the next level of formation
    2. Emotionally-mature
      • Anticipate achievement and achieve, rather than being "paralyzed" by feelings of inferiority
      • Are open for correction and appreciative of affirmation
      • Can cope with difficult situations
      • Are self-disciplined
      • Are able to work alone and with others
      • Seek role models and gradually develop as leaders
      • Express themselves responsibly
    3. Morally upright
      • Are God-fearing and devoted to Mary
      • Practice the virtues of honesty, truthfulness and trustworthiness
      • Demonstrate distinct characteristics worthy of emulation
      • Prefer forgiveness than revenge
    4. Socially responsible citizens
      • Show love and concern to the less fortunate through reaching out and sharing their resources
      • Use their talents and skills for the service of others
      • Participate actively in community and religious services
      • Evaluate consequences of their actions in terms of their relationship to others based on respect, gratitude and the "golden rule".
      • Respect rules, laws and properly constituted authority
      • Appreciate Filipino heritage and valuable tradition
  3. The Lower Basic Education graduates are learners who are:
  4. The Upper Basic Education graduates are learners who are:

    1. Academically proficient
      • Express themselves efficiently and confidently particularly in the English language
      • Think logically and critically and evaluate reflectively
      • Manipulate various modes of technology responsibly and effectively
      • Are well-conversant about social concerns and issues locally and globally
      • Are well-equipped with skills and competencies for college
      • Are impelled by commitment to creative lifelong learning
    2. Emotionally-mature
      • Understand, accept and appreciate themselves and others as persons with potentials, abilities and limitations
      • Show pliancy in dealing with conflicts and difficulties
      • Live a disciplined and healthy affective life
      • Know clearly what they believe in and why they believe so
      • Are sincere, fair and straightforward with utmost tact in words and actions
      • Manifest proactive outlook in life
    3. Morally upright
      • Are Christo-centric
      • Model the Marian virtues of simplicity, humility, obedience and chastity
      • Manifest respect for human dignity in their daily lives
      • Live with integrity
    4. Socially responsible citizens
      • Commit themselves to the noble service for the common good
      • Are cognizant, sensitive and responsive to the needs of time
      • Possess leadership qualities
      • Respect authorities
      • Are responsible stewards of God's creations
      • Appreciate and commit to the preservation of Filipino heritage and valuable traditions