OLCA education is:

A response to the call of the Church to evangelize
by forming men and women of character
imbued with Marian virtues, faith, integrity and service;

A commitment to integral formation and
academic excellence to prepare students for life;

A mission to transform individuals
to become responsible citizens
who live out their Christian vocation
in the service of God and society.

Guided by these principles, we believe that ...

OLCA is a Christ-centered Community where all members are:
  • filially devoted to Mary as manifested in the integration of her virtues in their daily lives,
  • of one heart with the school's vision and mission; committed and supportive of the school's thrusts and initiatives,
  • committed to professionalism and excellence;
  • active and responsible participants in promoting a safe Christian academic atmosphere
  • service-oriented; socially involved, contributing to the betterment of society
OLCA Learners are men and women of character who:
  • uphold and integrate Marian virtues, faith, integrity and service in their lives
  • commit themselves to life-long learning and the pursuit of excellence
  • foster unity in diversity as they work towards the realization of the OLCAN mission
  • are sensitive to the needs of others, responsive to the call of the times, contribute actively in building a new world order
OLCA Educators are servant-leaders who are:
  • highly-qualified; abreast with current trends in education, innovative, contributing to the continuing development of education
  • learner-centered, aware of the individual differences of learners; advocates of relevant pedagogies,
  • committed to produce functionally literate individuals who live up to their Christian vocation in serving the country
  • service-oriented, rendering service without hesitation and reservation; responsive to the demands of the clientele
  • appreciative of Filipino heritage, preserving valuable Filipino traditions through various learning experiences.
  • morally upright, ethical, professional, respectful of human dignity, supportive of their co-workers and other members of OLCA community.
OLCA educational experiences are processes that:
  • inculcate the institutional core values; instill self-discipline, respect for human dignity and responsible stewardship of God's creation
  • develop the diverse talents and potentials of learners to the fullest
  • consider the uniqueness of each learner, the competencies of the teachers and the resources of the community.
  • foster independent learning, critical thinking, reflective judgment, and creative application of knowledge in daily life
  • harness up-to-date educational resources and information and communication technology in support of meaningful teaching and learning.