JHS OLCA Diamond Jubilee Candidates Display Acts of Mercy

by: Hannah Kylee C. Miranda and Jehoicham Ynoch A. De Leon

To exemplify their value of charity and compassion, the junior high contestants of Mr. and Ms. OLCA Diamond Jubilee engage in a community exposure in Pansol and Buli, Taal, Batangas, Nov. 5.

Aside from its main goal of extending the hands of the OLCAn community to the most in need, this exposure trip also constitutes a significant portion of the candidates’ overall score for the competition.

The Grade 9 and 10 candidates paved their way to Brgy. Buli during the morning and played “Paint the Picture” with a prospective beneficiary. The candidates also interviewed them afterwards.

“I was really surprised because I didn’t expect that there are people who experience such problems. But at the same time, I am very happy and proud that I am able to help people in need,” as said by Missy Lyka C. Miranda, one of the contestants from 10- St. Anthony.

Grades 7 and 8 went to Brgy. Pansol to do their respective charity works. The candidates conducted the same activity as to the first set of candidates.

“I felt overwhelmed. It was good to hear and comfort them while they open up about their struggles and problems,” Alliah Claire Cortiñas, one of the contestants from 8- St. Jerome.