Two ICT rooms which are equipped with enough computers are made available for students’ use. It can be noted that ICT practicum/activities are fully executed without delay caused by insufficient computer units because student–computer ratio is 1:1. This school year, the school purchases 56 units of computer in replacement for the old units.

Since the use of technology especially in instructional services is a major thrust of the school, it is pertinent to note that wise economizing does not compromise the quality of services that the clienteles receive. Relatively, the school makes use of N-Computing Technology which lessens the cost of maintenance and the space occupied since five computer servers can serve up to 55 computer units.

The computer rooms and computer units are regularly checked and maintained. Besides, upgrading of equipment is done periodically by the laboratory-technical staff. This is also stipulated in the OLCA Three-year ICT Development Plan which is anchored to the school’s mission of providing technology supported programs to develop academically proficient individuals.

As part of OLCAN core values of service, the ICT rooms are also used for the Computer Outreach Program as one of the activities of BYTES Club.