The brotherly connection between the two schools, OLCA and TNHS, has become even more noteworthy when OLCA launched its Feeding Program in TNHS through the OLCA Senior Girl Scouts (OSGS) and the OLCAns in Action Club (OAC) last academic year 2014-2015. Its main goal was to help the undernourished students meet their nutritional deficiencies so they can perform better in school. The meals served were carefully selected and prepared by OLCA cafeteria staff guided by OLCA Food and Nutrition Services Program.

Exhilarating experience. OLCA Senior girl scouts as well as members of the OLCAns in Action Club (OAC), with the administrators and teachers of both schools were elated not only on the positive results everyone has been anticipating in the short run but by its potentially wholesome impact on the wellbeing of the chosen recipients especially that most of them are belonging to the less privileged families. It is interesting to note as well that most members of the involved school organizations (OAC and OSGS) are not even coming from well to do families, but from average income earning families and are giving not out of abundance but out of their own incapacities and inadequacies.