olca seal

The school seal reflects the adherence of our Archdiocese
to the teachings of Christ.
This represents the Christian education
and formation all are to achieve.


It is the sign of Christ's work of Redemption (Paschal Mystery),
calling each one to deny the self, pick up one's cross and follow Him.
It is the only way of every Olcan to follow Jesus.


It is the symbol of the Holy Spirit who is always guiding the school
and giving her enlightenment necessary to be always true to her mission.

Taal Volcano

This is the landmark of the whole Archdiocese of Lipa,
the province of Batangas where the Our Lady of Caysasay Academy is situated.

Veritas et Amor (Truth and Love)

It is the formulation of the objective in life of every Olcan,
to live according to the spirit of truth (i.e. Christ)
and to stand for what is right under the element of true love
because God reveals Himself as Love.

Round Shape

This is the sign of God's perfection and eternity
which means He is without beginning and without end.


The year the school was established.