Ushered to new era of serving the local church. The mission of Catholic education aside from preparing humane and Christ-like leaders is also building fraternal society, i.e., ensuring that earth is a common place for everyone regardless of skin colors, racial backgrounds or religious affiliations. The OLCAns for Others, sees no boundaries and walls in the name of service. It does not look on how big or small a help could be. What it sees is how each single hand could possibly contribute to making earth a better place to live in. Alongside OLCA’s active partnership with the LASAC (Lipa Archdiocesan Social Action Commission) in the name of charity and volunteerism, the school has also been actively supporting other activities and programs of the Archdiocese.

OLCAns are one with the local church in fighting for the common good, not only in terms of improving the life of the poor and the needy but also in addressing societal issues such as environmental/ ecological problems. It has been almost ten years when OLCAns renewed their vows to defend and protect the environment especially in the province of Batangas. OLCA has been one among those academic institutions which are actively opposing the large mining activities in the province. Upon its inception, the BUKAL (Bukluran ng Inang Kalikasan), a non-government-organization for responsible stewardship of the environment has been consistent with its thrusts and programs and has been constantly corresponding with OLCAns through the Caysasay Development Center furthering the cause for defending our environment from man-made hazards, especially mining. OLCA has been sending participants to the different ecological fora and conferences sponsored by the Archdiocese of Lipa or by other organizations such as BUKAL, Bantay-Kalikasan (under ABS-CBN Foundation) and others to brush up on the most pressing environmental issues in the country. These conferences not only provide OLCAns opportunities for discussions and inquiries. It also inculcates in everyone’s mind church’s values and virtues which are very essential for responding to the call for responsible ecological stewardship. The challenge though, not only lies on strengthening the importance of ecological awareness within the confines of the classroom. The challenge must be met in more practical sense.