Director for Academics and Student Services Welcome Message

Welcome to OLCA! Welcome Home!

More than just a school, OLCA shall be your home- a sanctuary of love and affection, of acceptance and security.

More than just administrators and teachers, we shall be your parents and friends – to guide and inspire you as you continuously learn, unlearn and relearn.

More than just classmates, you shall be brothers and sisters – adhering to the core purpose of becoming men and women of characters.

Be mindful of who we are. We are OLCAns. Be mindful of the bond between us. We belong to the OLCA family. Be mindful of our interconnectedness.

As a family, we shall be committed to a shared vision and united with the core values of faith, integrity, service, amiability, prudence and humility. Together, we shall celebrate each day with enthusiasm and passion as we confidently define our purpose and meaning in life because we appreciate who we are. WE are OLCAns. We appreciate the bond between us. We belong to the OLCAn family. Beyond the confines of our campus …even beyond graduation… we shall honor our interconnectedness.

More than just being proud of being OLCAns, we shall make OLCA proud of who we are and what we shall become.

Make our being OLCAns mean something to the people whose lives we are going to touch. Make our being OLCAns mean something to the world in which we live. Most importantly, make our being OLCAns mean something to ourselves.

Welcome home, fellow OLCAns!